When Water and IT Collide, it’s Downtime in Dallas

June 13, 2010 at 12:57 pm

Haggai, our CTO, stumbled upon the story of a 90-year old water main in Dallas (way pre-PC era… imagine that) that burst and flooded a basement, forcing the  shutdown of data center with no backup. 

“IT systems in Dallas County were offline for more than three days last week after a water main break flooded the basement of the Dallas County Records Building, which houses the UPS systems and other electrical equipment supporting the data center on the fifth floor of the building. The county does not have a backup data center, despite warnings that it faced the risk of service disruption without one.”

FLooded Data Center

Flooded Data Center (Getty Images)

The ripe old age of ninety, an unimaginable age for a PC, Cable TV connection or Internet datacenter, is actually a common age for water infrastructure, where centenerians and victorian era pipes abound.

Imagine that. What part of the damages does the water company have to pay?

The Dallas news reported:

The consequences were felt by all departments Tuesday, as staff resorted to pen, paper, radios and telephones to handle critical tasks such as making sure the right prisoners were booked into the jail and released from it.

The county’s criminal justice system nearly ground to a halt, as paper processing from another era led to lengthy delays – keeping some prisoners in jail longer than normal.

“We’re doing a lot of stuff the old-fashioned way,” Sheriff Lupe Valdez said.

Well… water pipes are an old fashioned technology, and when they burst, other work reverts to old fashioned methods as well.


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