WATEC aftermath – Saving Water is Never a Luxury

November 18, 2011 at 12:26 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday was the third and last day of WATEC, the bi-annual water exhibition and conference. Since its debut in 2007 WATEC has gained recognition as one of the biggest water technology exhibitions, with emphasis on innovation. That’s an angle we clearly embrace in TaKaDu, and we therefore took an active part in organizing the event. We also took advantage of the location and had most company employees come in for booth duty.

This busy international event takes place every two years in Tel Aviv. In the previous WATEC event, TaKaDu was an early stage company presented at the innovation hall. Now, just a couple of years later, we are in a very different position – exhibiting in the main hall and attracting many visitors and delegations (as you can see in the pictures).

Despite the stormy weather (it rained throughout the event), the show was crowded with delegates looking for advanced technologies and innovation in the field of water. It was an interesting mix of visitors – ministers and diplomats, water utilities and industry executives, large and small consultancies and technology companies, investors and more – from all five continents. The global objective common to all participants: save water and energy and make processes more efficient. The flavors might differ from country to country, but the basic need is, not surprisingly, consistent from North and Latin America through Europe to Africa, Asia and the pacific.

It was great to see that the concept of using existing data to achieve higher levels of service and efficiency is well-accepted and embraced by vendors and utilities alike. As an executive from a large US corporate commented – “efficiency and reuse of existing infrastructure is always a good idea – when the industry is booming as even more so in a downturn. Saving money is never a luxury”.

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