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April 3, 2012 at 9:30 pm Leave a comment

Wow…what a day.

At TaKaDu, we take social responsibility, getting involved and giving back to the community seriously. We regularly try to find ways where we can contribute and make a change. There are a number of us at the company that regularly tutor university students in addition to other one-off activities.   But we were looking for more to do.  And we found it.

In a neighboring city, there was a run-down house in need of renovation. The house was earmarked to be a clubhouse for local teens in need of a place to be in the after-school and evening hours. However, as often is the case, resources both physical and material to turn this house into the safe haven it was meant to be, were scarce.

And this is where, TaKaDu came into the picture. In cooperation with the organization running the clubhouse, we were determined to turn the run-down grounds into a clubhouse.

All of us at TaKaDu (at least those of us not traveling), plus a couple of our kids, spent the day renovating the house and its garden.

Upon first look, no one would believe that this house with its rusty front gate, overgrown yard and various storage buildings in the back could ever be a clubhouse for anyone; we didn’t despair, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Working side-by-side with the teens that were to use this house and yard as their after-school sanctuary, we scrubbed and we painted. The rusty front gate and fence became a brilliant blue. Instead of a bed of weeds, the front garden became a beautiful flower garden. The side yard was turned into a vegetable patch.

The backyard took on new life as the dead trees were pulled and new trees were planted. The backyard storage shed went from a dirty, grey empty structure to a bright and airy classroom. We couldn’t believe the difference.

Together with the young teens, we watched the transformation before our eyes.

And wow…what a transformation.

We left with smiles on our faces, paint on our hands and satisfaction in our hearts knowing that today we had made a difference.We left the clubhouse knowing that this was not the end of our involvement but rather the beginning.  We set a date to meet again and make plans to see what else we could do. We knew that this was the start of ongoing cooperation and friendship.


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