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Work Management Systems Gain Efficiencies through Integration

Jim, a network analyst at a water utility, comes into work each morning and logs into multiple pieces of software. He has to be fluent in each of these systems and regularly switches between them in order to perform his activities. Jim creates new network jobs, updates current job statuses and commentary, while ensuring that the field teams, his management and the various other systems he uses are all kept up to date. Jim’s frustration with the inefficiency of the status quo is typical. Like many water utilities, the use of multiple systems increases the degree of human error, which leads to inefficiencies and potentially unsafe operations. The lack of system integration is one of the principal barriers to streamlining water utility operations and makes managing network events such as supply interruptions, asset failures and leaks even more complex.


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On the main stage of the AIPAC Policy Conference

Greetings from Washington DC!

This week, TaKaDu was fortunate to be featured at the AIPAC Policy Conference, a gathering of 14,000 delegates from across the U.S. interested in Israeli policy as well as the innovation and technology emerging from what has become widely known as ‘Start Up Nation’.

Amir Peleg, TaKaDu’s CEO and Founder, gave a live demonstration of the TaKaDu technology on stage, showing the 14,000 delegates – all close friends and family of course – an underground leak in Melbourne, Australia and a water turbidity problem in Jerusalem in real-time on about 50 huge screens. TaKaDu also had a booth at the AIPAC Village Innovation Showcase, along with other great Israel-based innovations. At the booth, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the TaKaDu technology to hundreds of delegates, answer questions and engage in some fascinating discussions about the role of technology in addressing significant global issues.

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Can Organzations trust their data security in the cloud?

No more question marks – There is a growing global trend towards adopting cloud solutions. Last year, more than 80% of 4,000 business and IT managers surveyed worldwide by the Ponemon Institute indicated that they were transferring, or plan to transfer sensitive or confidential data into the cloud. Nearly half of the respondents’ organizations already did so, and another one-third of respondents’ organizations were very likely to transfer sensitive or confidential data to the cloud within the next two years.

Data security is a primary concern for the U.S. In May 2013, the U.S. Government awarded Amazon a security clearance to allow federal agencies to easily use its cloud computing services as part of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). FedRAMP is a mandatory government-wide program that standardizes security assessment, authorization, and monitoring for cloud products and services. The Program’s Cloud First policy mandates that agencies take full advantage of cloud computing benefits to maximize capacity utilization, improve IT flexibility and responsiveness, and minimize cost.

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