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The Connection between Water Prices and the State of Water Networks

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 (“Summer Davos”) is taking place this week, and we thought it’s a great venue to announce our first research report. This report, planned to be the first of many, shows the connection between water prices and water loss rates. Water loss is a key metric that impacts the sustainability, conservation and efficiency of water networks.

In some of the world’s cities, water is priced lower than the costs to pump and transport it, let alone sustain its delivery infrastructure: the network of pipes, pumps, reservoirs and valves that brings water to our homes. In some places water is free.

The question raised by TaKaDu’s research was whether the price of water also affects water loss rates. Theoretically, water underpricing can lead to undervaluing of water and underinvesting in the water distribution network.

Water pricing doesn’t impact residential consumption alone. Globally, only about 10% of water is used residentially, while the remaining 90% is used for agriculture and industry, so water mispricing obviously affects the way all sectors use water.

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Smart Systems and Little Data

Last month, The Economist issued a special report on smart systems. The report is an excellent exploration of the second world that is emerging beside the real world we know: the digital reflection of the world. The real world is strewn with sensors, which constantly transfer masses of output data that is then reflected in a mirror digital world. The mirror digital world doesn’t exist for the sake of knowledge alone. It hopefully makes the task of managing the real world easier and better.

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When Water and IT Collide, it’s Downtime in Dallas

A 90-year old water main in Dallas burst and flooded a basement, forcing the shutdown of data center with no backup. Since the datacenter housed all county data processing, including criminal justice records, the system almost ground to a halt.

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Ferrara: Smart Water Networks, or: No Water Left Behind

Blogging from the Water Efficiency Conference in Ferrara, Italy. The Water Efficiency Conference is proving so far to provide a deep look into the core issues surrounding water efficiency initiatives: Looking at the real cost of water to measure what the economically efficient investment in leakage reduction should be; and Emphasizing both leak control and the reduction of consumption.

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How Much Does Water REALLY Cost?

How much does water cost? The answer may not be as simple as you think. True, like most commodities, it is priced differently in different parts of the world, and the retail price does not always reflect the wholesale price, so the right answer is “depends”. But things actually get much more complicated than that when we try to estimate the true cost of delivering water.

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The Boston Burst Aftermath

Over the past few days, the city of Boston has been experiencing what was described by many as a ‘state of emergency’. The water distribution to major parts of the city was cut for several days as a result of a large main break.

The aftermath of this event is likely to show that the only ones paying the full price in this case will be the residents of Boston.

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