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Singapore International Water Week: Asian Utilities Looking for Smart Solutions

It’s been busy last week in Singapore… TaKaDu participated in the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) – a huge event combining several conferences and trade shows that have attracted about 750 organizations and more than 18,500 individuals, including mayors, ministers and government officials.

TaKaDu had a booth in the Water Expo, gave a presentation at the water convention and participated in the Smart Grid Technology forum and in SWAN Asia workshop. Between one meeting to another, VP Marketing, Guy Horowitz had the opportunity to be interviewed for the media (watch the interview on CNBC).

During this week we met many potential clients and partners from all around the world. Being our first extensive exposure to Asia, we realized that the Asian market is developing fast, and the need for smart solutions is growing dramatically. Countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, China and India confront huge challenges in water supply, which is accelerated by urbanization, and are looking for solutions to cope with them.  Not surprisingly, the theme of the 2012 SIWW was “Water Solutions for Sustainable and Liveable Cities”.

SIWW was also the first international industry event following ABB’s recent investment in TaKaDu. ABB demonstrated the integration of Symphony+ and TaKaDu, generating lots of interest from exhibition visitors.

Now, when we are back home, we are starting our preparations to the next big event in Asia – IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition that will take place in Busan, Korea in mid-September.


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The Connection between Water Prices and the State of Water Networks

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 (“Summer Davos”) is taking place this week, and we thought it’s a great venue to announce our first research report. This report, planned to be the first of many, shows the connection between water prices and water loss rates. Water loss is a key metric that impacts the sustainability, conservation and efficiency of water networks.

In some of the world’s cities, water is priced lower than the costs to pump and transport it, let alone sustain its delivery infrastructure: the network of pipes, pumps, reservoirs and valves that brings water to our homes. In some places water is free.

The question raised by TaKaDu’s research was whether the price of water also affects water loss rates. Theoretically, water underpricing can lead to undervaluing of water and underinvesting in the water distribution network.

Water pricing doesn’t impact residential consumption alone. Globally, only about 10% of water is used residentially, while the remaining 90% is used for agriculture and industry, so water mispricing obviously affects the way all sectors use water.

You can read more by clicking on the ‘Continue reading’ link below.

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Building a Better Tomorrow: The Global Cleantech 100

The global cleantech 100 was announced by The Guardian and The Cleantech Group. TaKaDu, recognized in the list for its “Water Management” takes a look at the state of the cleantech world as reflected in the list.

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Water PLUS – Keys to Building a Scalable Water Business (Part 2)

This is the last of a two-part series by Guy Horowitz, TaKaDu’s VP of Marketing, about scaling a water technology business.
In my previous post I introduced the PLUS framework for water-technology scalability, and expanded upon the first two attributes: Software and Usability. Let’s explore the other two:Leverage and Partners.

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TaKaDu – an Artemis Project Top 50 Company

After announcing last week that TaKaDu was selected for the Red Herring Europe 100 (the only water technology company on the list), we have more good news. Today, during the Blue Tech Innovation Forum, the Artemis Project has selected TaKaDu as a winner of the 2010 Top 50 Companies Competition. This award distinguishes TaKaDu as a leading company in one of the greatest high-growth industries of the 21st Century: water. TaKaDu was selected by a panel of industry experts based on four criteria: technology, intellectual property and know-how, team, and market potential.

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Presenting at the CICC forum in Palo Alto, CA

It’s been a month since our CEO Amir Peleg presented at the CICC cleantech forum in Palo Alto, but the positive feedbacks don’t stop coming. It was truly a great event. The presentations were at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), which naturally reminds one of the invention of the computer mouse, which – as I am writing this post – acts as a natural extension of my typing fingers. Presenting at PARC is standing on the shoulders of giants.

The Conference was superbly organized by the CICC. Thank you Shuly and Tzvia.

Here’s a clip showing TaKaDu’s presentation at the conference:

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